April 23, 2021

Young, gifted and green

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Brewery, Young Henry’s mantra is “serve the people” and it’s at the core of everything they do. Recently we helped build a social media strategy around their unique story. In the blurry and busy world of beer marketing, their voice and sustainable practices have cut through.

Along with the clever peeps at UTS these Green-hearted gods of beer have developed a sustainable brewing process, designed to reduce their carbon footprint. They’ve been able to capture the CO2 produced as an unwanted by-product, in algae filled ‘bioreactors.’ The Algae can feed on these emissions and turn them into oxygen – a first for their industry.

Being authentically ‘you’ and sharing your story with your audience helps to build a loyal fan base. This mini study shows the importance of doing good…good beer and the power that your social marketing can wield.

Talking about the Young Henry’s initiatives, their dedication to their team, their people and their craft; we created a higher reach and engagement on Facebook, (+92% growth), and Instagram (+50% growth), smashing monthly benchmarks over the last quarter.

This in turn helped to create an army of super fans who advocate, share and buy; they sold out of their Jets (partner) Merch three times in a row after huge demand from social posts.

Want to do some good today, drink good beer, and get a good marketing plan together – talk to the good and the great, our Head of Client Development, Gemma Tugby.

Head to younghenrys.com/algae  or instagram.com/younghenrys/ if you want to learn more about how the Young Henry’s crew are making this world a better place.