Work that elevates

Zam Right it is

Our challenge: Lift Zambrero 

Mexican Quick Service restaurant, Zambrero’s existing tagline is ‘Feel Good Mex’. This reflects their Mexican inspired food with healthier ingredients and their ‘Plate4Plate’ initiative which donates one meal to someone in need across the globe for every burrito or bowl you buy. We needed to anchor this feel-good ethos to their restaurants in a distinctive, differentiating way to lift their brand and visitation.

Elevated Idea

‘Zam Right’

Our mission was to hit Zambrero with the broadest potential audience in a way that makes them feel good and to make them memorable, building a platform for growth.

We chose a twist and fresh take on a vernacular saying from everyday life – the affirmative ‘Zam Right’! This positive affirmation embodies people who have an optimistic outlook on life.

‘Zam right’ allowed us to play creatively with this everyday expression and supercharges ‘Feel Good Mex.’ Our creative content included questions that could only have one answer, “back seat thriving”? “Zam right!” Time to down tools? “Zam right!” It gave our audience the ability to connect and identify with fresh experiences – from food, to people, to places.

Our media strategy included planning & buying across a geographically broad and included a large regional audience. We looked to balance effectiveness with efficiency, with multiple channels that could flex relating to location, media and mindsets.