Work that elevates

Working for all of us

Our challenge: Drive advocacy for disability inclusion across NSW Government

People with disability are currently underrepresented in the NSW public sector workforce and the NSW Government is committed to change this. With a goal set of 10,000 more staff with disability working in NSW Government by 2025, the NSW Public Service Commission came to Lionize to create a campaign platform that elevated all of NSW Government as champions for this change.

Elevated idea:

‘The Age of Inclusion’

We reframed disability inclusion as both a shared responsibility and opportunity for non-disabled audiences across Government clusters. We approached this through the insight that enabling everyone to fulfil their potential, builds a better NSW and ‘elevates everyone.’

Our creative concept, ‘The Age of Inclusion’ captured an era of global change. We needed more of a movement than a campaign. In a time moving the tide for important issues such as, global warming, same-sex marriage and #timesup we looked to gain a sense of shared human momentum.