May 20, 2021

The million dollar burrito 

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The next time you grab a bite to eat you could be a million dollars richer – and who doesn’t want a bit of that after the past year or so?

Client, Mexican QSR, Zambrero partnered with Lionize to build on their ‘Feel Good Mex’ ethos. Their previous collab created the life-affirming “Zam Right” campaign. This has now been supercharged across their entire food chain, with the creation of the ‘Million Dollar Burrito’.

The competition is running for the next 6 weeks, from Monday the 17th of May 2021, with finalists drawn at the end of June, and the major event in July, where one lucky customer could end up feeling really Zam good – and a lot richer!

The first of its kind for Zambrero, the whole campaign has a huge prize pool of over $2 million dollars up for grabs, where 1 in 6 customers can walk away with an instant prize of Zambrero food, drinks, gift cards or fuel cards.

Lionize Investment Director, Peter Stowe said of the media campaign,

“We’re hitting every Zambrero store across the country with our media plan. It took some time, with over 180 individual Zambrero restaurants in all states and territories. In the planning stages we needed to successfully map out each restaurant according to its specific TV market.  

The majority of Zambrero restaurants are in regional Australia, so we had to make sure stores in areas like Darwin, Mt Isa, Mildura, Hobart and Griffith had the same amount of coverage and airtime as stores in Perth & Adelaide. 

We’re so excited about the chance to help giveaway the Million Dollar Burrito! Everyone needs to hear about it…and with our regional tv planning, I know we’re not supposed to be biased, but after the fires and trials of recent times, I personally hope someone in a rural Australia wins the big cash prize.” 

The Lionize marketing drive includes Programmatic, TV, Radio, Digital Audio, (Spotify) and OOH. Postcode targeting around each restaurant will capture local audiences, whilst a social campaign includes app TikTok, will run across multiple categories like, Sports, Gaming, Food and ‘Oddly Satisfying.’

Joké Amosun, Marketing Manager of Zambrero said, “We’re really looking forward to the launch. The wonderful thing about having a big prize pool is the positive reactions we will see from our customers in our restaurants every day.”

So, who wants to be a millionaire? ‘Zam Right’ we do! Head to Zambrero and grab yourself some ‘Feel Good Mex’ and the chance bite into a Million Dollar Burrito!