Angela Allen

General Manager

Angela Allen

Early in Angela’s career she was naturally drawn to the world of broadcast TV. Unsurprisingly, it was here that she honed her listening and people skills.

As a ‘people first’ leader, creating lasting business partnerships and developing our team’s potential is closest to Angela’s heart.

After 25 years in media and marketing, the constantly changing nature of media still excites her everyday. Angela is always uncovering something new and interesting to share with clients – many of whom become lifelong friends.

Angela brings a wealth of experience, having worked across many diverse industries and iconic brands like Adrenaline, The Iconic, Chatime, InvoCare, Total Tools, IPO Wealth, Mable, 13SICK and William Hill.

It’s taught her that anything can be bought or sold, but the real value in business, and in life, is our connections to each other. (That’s why she proudly admits to being a Gogglebox fan.)