May 6, 2021

Raising our resilience

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Last week we joined client, Raise for their annual patron’s lunch. Here we review the past year’s achievements and milestones. Their charity foundation runs school programs that pairs trained adult mentors with young mentees in need of support. Every year there is a theme, and this year was aptly given resilience.

Guest speakers included, Sydney Airport CEO, Geoff Culbert who talked about managing companies through a crisis. Geoff has been shaped by more than his fair share of disasters. His time at General Electric included helping staff to evacuate from the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the tsunami hit and his challenges keeping Sydney Airport running during the Covid pandemic.

Geoff talked about the importance of making time every day where you can switch off. His resilience routine included simply sitting with his family, phone and electronics off, sans any work talk, whilst enjoying dinner every evening.

Fellow Raise patron David Gonski echoed this sentiment. He talked about the importance of mentors and the support of those around you. He reminded us that looking after your people, your family and not forgetting about yourself was an integral part of your resilience network, helping to carry you through these challenging times.

Raise Founder, Vicki Condon talked about mentors being the ones that walked beside others, offering their hand for balance, as someone experienced the tightrope of navigating a difficult stage of their life. She talked about how helping others, ultimately helped enrich our own lives.

Being able to come face to face with these inspiring people who talking about hope for the future and how lucky we are to live on this ‘big island’ was empowering. We’re fortunate to have charities like Raise to help keep our heads up, stay resilient, capable and connected.

To find out more, see our commitment to Raise and our pro-bono campaign ‘Letters to my mentorhere.