Keeping it fierce in 2020

Nothing like a global pandemic to get rolling with your new agency launch. Thanks 2020, it’s been real.

Living up to being fierce, we’ve kicked on in the new normal and are not only surviving but thriving.

At our state of the union there was no elephant in the Zoom on growth and thanks to driving new and existing client business we have taken on a bunch of guns including a new Head of Digital, Rebecca Penn, a Senior Copywriter, Sally Beerworth and Peter Stowe, Media Trading Director.

Our recipe is simple. Stay focused on our clients, and, even though we’re working apart, elevate outcomes by bringing disciplines together and working smarter to do the hard yards in a year that seems to be trying its best to be trouble.

Campaigns we’re proud of right now include creating a movement on disability inclusion for NSW Government, “The Age of Inclusion”. Making furry friends happy with Pet Circle across creative and media. Plus, we’ve been applying location smarts to unite people with their favourite beer with our great mates at Young Henrys. A brand, among others, that we’re proud to partner with in 2020 for the first time.

No doubt this year will go on to make some big waves, which creates challenge and opportunity. At Lionize we’ll stay fierce and keep rising with the tide.