Paw & Spoon

It turns out cats do show affection.

Feeding time is a moment of emotional connection between cats and owners every day –bigger than just the food, its where cats show most affection and pet parents feel like they are doing right by their pets.

We used this connection to create ‘Paw & Spoon’ a new name and brand identity for a private-label cat food launch for Pet Circle. Working across naming, photography, and packaging design – for both adult and kitten ranges – not only did ‘Paw & Spoon’ look, feel and sound great, it significantly exceeded sales targets at launch.

*Spoiler Alert* – Are You Getting Recycling Wrong?

Most of us have the best intentions about being green, but many of us get recycling wrong. Working with the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, (SSROC),
we created a social media led campaign highlighting the five key contaminants that consistently end up in the wrong bin and spoil whole batches of recycling down the depot.

Using the vernacular *Spoiler Alert*, we created a series of social content, designed (with sound on, or off), to encourage and educate people. Working shoulder to shoulder with SSROC, we brought attention to a great cause and helped more people get recycling right.



Be a Rewards Boss

We struck a fresh, next gen attitude for our new positioning and branding of Loyalty Republic – a revolutionary rewards app that allows you to take control of the rewards you earn for everyday spending. With bold graphics, and an empowered rallying cry to ‘Be a Rewards Boss’, our new branding was launched with a campaign across OOH, social and digital.



ZAM – Last Bus TVC

Zambrero, the ‘Feel Good Mex’ restaurant chain, has grown from strength to strength over the last couple of years thanks to its fresh, premium take on fast food.

“Last Bus is the latest TV spot we created for them is the 3rd instalment of or Zam Right campaign – celebrating people who make life fresher through the choices they make.

In keeping with this, the hero of our ad when faced with a choice of the last bus or the last bite of his burrito, Zam Right he’s giving the bus the flick. The Last Bus campaign has launched across TV, BVOD, OOH, and social content.

Delivering Better

As a delightful build on Pet Circle’s new brand idea Pet Better’, we’re delivering better with a joyful reskin of their new wholly owned delivery fleet to bring a smile to every street.

Unleashing as much delight as Harry’s doggie shaped van in Dumb and Dumber, we’re proud to have dressed Australia’s #1 online pet supplies store, to the K9s to celebrate their commitment to deliver better to pet parents – from every online order, direct to your door.


3 Great Reasons for Always On Advertising

As the saying goes, “Advertising is like an aeroplane engine – if you switch it off your brand gradually loses speed and altitude”, Professor Rachel Kennedy, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

There’s a fair bit of economic turbulence right now. With increased cost of goods, supply chain issues and recent talk of interest rate rises, it’s no surprise that CFOs are looking to cut back on variable spending – with a keen eye on defending margin and EBIT.

Despite some empathy for the desire to throttle back, this adage has never rung truer – when times are good you should advertise, when times are tough you must advertise. The chart below from Millward Brown data, illustrates how quickly brand fortunes can nosedive when you turn off top of funnel communications.


Studies going back over a century* have proven that an always on approach, or even increasing your advertising, can boost sales and market share by 250%* during and post a crisis.
Great brands maintain an always on share of voice approach, versus switching to short-term sales spikes, and here are 3 great reasons why:

    – Advertising and marketing rates drop creating a ‘buyer’s market’ for media. Studies have shown that sales activation advertising – which provides short-term sales response – increases during an economic downturn, which can make cut-through harder to achieve

    – The cost to get back to your original market share, (pre-cutting-back on spend), is 4-5 times higher.* Plus, if you invest in short term sales activation at the cost of all brand building communications the impact on your brand can be a 56% loss of effectiveness longer-term**

    – When others fall silent, you’re giving your brand a chance to be heard. Extra ‘share of voice’ drives greater mental availability has been proven to drive significant positive business effects like customer acquisition, pricing power and longer-term growth***

    In times of uncertainty, people don’t stop looking to brands and media. If anything, they look at trusted voices and channels more – for hope, guidance, products and services – especially when socially isolated.

    As history has proved, inaction, or cutting back advertising has significant negative effects on your business. Get great advice from experts to refocus your strategic approach, balance efficiency and effectiveness and let us help you reframe advertising investment as a growth lever for your business.

    Be specific, be heard and don’t lose your market share. Refocus on protecting long-term value in addition to short-term goals – Lionize can help you balance your spend effectively and efficiently to achieve both.




    Calling all pet parents to Pet Better

    Over 60% of Australians see pets as part of their family. When you consider the unconditional love pet show us, it’s no surprise that most pet parents want to do better by their pets.

    This simple, yet powerful truth inspired Lionize to create Pet Circle’s new brand idea – ‘Pet Better’.

    Acting as a clarion call to pet parents, each Pet Better creative element engages audiences – with a better solution in key areas like range, price, and advice. The campaign builds on the core Pet Better idea, flexing across ATL, online content, short form social, display and Pet Circle’s owned channels.



    Pet Better – For pet’s sake “Back”


    Pet Better – For pet’s sake “Busting”


    Pet Better – “Worth squawking about”