A noble quest

Lionize are so proud of our CEO, Mikey Taylor for completing a grueling, (understatement) non-stop 48 hour “GeoQuest” adventure race for charity. 

Mikey and his teammates, Paul Warren-Tape, Richard Taylor and Matt Carr made up university friends the “Exeter Chiefs.”  They were one of only 11 groups to survive the course, with some teams having to pull out or be pulled out by organizers, unable to complete the race.

They tackled mountains, went through water and gorges, got caught in smelly bogs, versed cliffs, and deep sand, on foot, bike, and kayak.  

On top of these challenges, navigation skills and brain power were needed, as each check point was hidden and had to be discovered via clues before powering on!  

There were a couple of close calls, with lost check points and teammates, a pack of angry dogs and way too many protein balls!

One nerve racking moment involved kayaking across the ocean towards a seemingly ever-distant lighthouse, with failing light and growing swell… these waves managed to wipe out a few competitors, but team endured, egging each other on and pushing through.

In the end, exhausted, elated, emotional they managed to pull up a highly respectable 3rd place, in under 44 hours, humour and bodies (just about) intact.

$30k was raised by the Chiefs for The Gold Coast Hospital NICU, in memory of teammate’s Paul’s beautiful daughter, Murphy Olivia. The funds will be used to buy a new ventilator, giving some of our youngest and most vulnerable a greater chance at life.

Thanks to all who donated and supported this cause and a big shout out to all those with the courage to take part in this epic challenge. 

More info on the race is here: https://lnkd.in/gv9vcxk and fundraising insights are here: https://lnkd.in/ga-Xdvn

The million dollar burrito 

The next time you grab a bite to eat you could be a million dollars richer – and who doesn’t want a bit of that after the past year or so?

Client, Mexican QSR, Zambrero partnered with Lionize to build on their ‘Feel Good Mex’ ethos. Their previous collab created the life-affirming “Zam Right” campaign. This has now been supercharged across their entire food chain, with the creation of the ‘Million Dollar Burrito’.

The competition is running for the next 6 weeks, from Monday the 17th of May 2021, with finalists drawn at the end of June, and the major event in July, where one lucky customer could end up feeling really Zam good – and a lot richer!

The first of its kind for Zambrero, the whole campaign has a huge prize pool of over $2 million dollars up for grabs, where 1 in 6 customers can walk away with an instant prize of Zambrero food, drinks, gift cards or fuel cards.

Lionize Investment Director, Peter Stowe said of the media campaign,

“We’re hitting every Zambrero store across the country with our media plan. It took some time, with over 180 individual Zambrero restaurants in all states and territories. In the planning stages we needed to successfully map out each restaurant according to its specific TV market.  

The majority of Zambrero restaurants are in regional Australia, so we had to make sure stores in areas like Darwin, Mt Isa, Mildura, Hobart and Griffith had the same amount of coverage and airtime as stores in Perth & Adelaide. 

We’re so excited about the chance to help giveaway the Million Dollar Burrito! Everyone needs to hear about it…and with our regional tv planning, I know we’re not supposed to be biased, but after the fires and trials of recent times, I personally hope someone in a rural Australia wins the big cash prize.” 

The Lionize marketing drive includes Programmatic, TV, Radio, Digital Audio, (Spotify) and OOH. Postcode targeting around each restaurant will capture local audiences, whilst a social campaign includes app TikTok, will run across multiple categories like, Sports, Gaming, Food and ‘Oddly Satisfying.’

Joké Amosun, Marketing Manager of Zambrero said, “We’re really looking forward to the launch. The wonderful thing about having a big prize pool is the positive reactions we will see from our customers in our restaurants every day.”

So, who wants to be a millionaire? ‘Zam Right’ we do! Head to Zambrero and grab yourself some ‘Feel Good Mex’ and the chance bite into a Million Dollar Burrito!


Raising our resilience

Last week we joined client, Raise for their annual patron’s lunch. Here we review the past year’s achievements and milestones. Their charity foundation runs school programs that pairs trained adult mentors with young mentees in need of support. Every year there is a theme, and this year was aptly given resilience.

Guest speakers included, Sydney Airport CEO, Geoff Culbert who talked about managing companies through a crisis. Geoff has been shaped by more than his fair share of disasters. His time at General Electric included helping staff to evacuate from the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the tsunami hit and his challenges keeping Sydney Airport running during the Covid pandemic.

Geoff talked about the importance of making time every day where you can switch off. His resilience routine included simply sitting with his family, phone and electronics off, sans any work talk, whilst enjoying dinner every evening.

Fellow Raise patron David Gonski echoed this sentiment. He talked about the importance of mentors and the support of those around you. He reminded us that looking after your people, your family and not forgetting about yourself was an integral part of your resilience network, helping to carry you through these challenging times.

Raise Founder, Vicki Condon talked about mentors being the ones that walked beside others, offering their hand for balance, as someone experienced the tightrope of navigating a difficult stage of their life. She talked about how helping others, ultimately helped enrich our own lives.

Being able to come face to face with these inspiring people who talking about hope for the future and how lucky we are to live on this ‘big island’ was empowering. We’re fortunate to have charities like Raise to help keep our heads up, stay resilient, capable and connected.

To find out more, see our commitment to Raise and our pro-bono campaign ‘Letters to my mentorhere.


Our new pride

We can be proud that during one of the toughest periods of our time, for all industries, we kept thriving, driving our clients marketing onwards and upwards. This achievement has meant that we recently welcomed 3 new staff members to our growing team.

Firstly, Laura Adamson, a new designer into our creative crew. A perfect cultural fit, making friends and importantly she has a ‘great eye.’ We can’t wait to see what work she’ll evolve and add her creative touch to next.

Secondly, Sarah Hatcher has been helping to develop and elevate brands throughout her career. We’re excited to have her join the growing Lionize Account Management Team. Sarah will be a key client contact, helping to deliver your campaigns.

Last but not least, Tom Lockley, aka ‘TJ’ completes our media team. He’s a senior trader with a BA in media and communications. He brings passion and enthusiasm to an already energetic team.

We’re looking forward to the collabs and milestones this talented trio will bring to our projects.

Young, gifted and green

Brewery, Young Henry’s mantra is “serve the people” and it’s at the core of everything they do. Recently we helped build a social media strategy around their unique story. In the blurry and busy world of beer marketing, their voice and sustainable practices have cut through.

Along with the clever peeps at UTS these Green-hearted gods of beer have developed a sustainable brewing process, designed to reduce their carbon footprint. They’ve been able to capture the CO2 produced as an unwanted by-product, in algae filled ‘bioreactors.’ The Algae can feed on these emissions and turn them into oxygen – a first for their industry.

Being authentically ‘you’ and sharing your story with your audience helps to build a loyal fan base. This mini study shows the importance of doing good…good beer and the power that your social marketing can wield.

Talking about the Young Henry’s initiatives, their dedication to their team, their people and their craft; we created a higher reach and engagement on Facebook, (+92% growth), and Instagram (+50% growth), smashing monthly benchmarks over the last quarter.

This in turn helped to create an army of super fans who advocate, share and buy; they sold out of their Jets (partner) Merch three times in a row after huge demand from social posts.

Want to do some good today, drink good beer, and get a good marketing plan together – talk to the good and the great, our Head of Client Development, Gemma Tugby.

Head to younghenrys.com/algae  or instagram.com/younghenrys/ if you want to learn more about how the Young Henry’s crew are making this world a better place.

Culinary alchemy

The Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Award campaign had to be parked after Covid hit us all last year. It’s great to see it finally see the light of day. We are now in the full swing of rolling it out for Nestle Professional, who are helping inspire young chefs to create a little magic in the kitchen.

The award offers apprentice and junior chefs a unique opportunity to showcase their skills in rounds of live cook-offs, judged to global standards. 12 finalists will be selected across Australia and New Zealand, to bravely battle it out on the big stage in Sydney. One winner will take home the 2021 Golden Chef of the year title and a $10k cash prize.

It’s great to see a platform like this supporting our hospitality industry and emerging culinary talent after the pandemic took a swipe at it. The competition has been running since 1965, boosting some outstanding chefs’ careers and long may its alchemy continue.

Check out @golden_chefs and enter.nestle-goldenchefs.com.au


How digital is slaying dragons down under

While narratives around a ‘new normal’ are peddled by many, our Head of Strategy, Dan Machen, points to behaviour as a true north that continues to help clients map attitudes across audiences.

In his latest article for New Digital Age, Dan argues that while the context of communications has been reframed, simple digital solutions that meet behavioural drivers are naturally finding a new lease of life in post-Covid Australia.

Check out his article (here)