June 18, 2021

A noble quest

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Lionize are so proud of our CEO, Mikey Taylor for completing a grueling, (understatement) non-stop 48 hour “GeoQuest” adventure race for charity. 

Mikey and his teammates, Paul Warren-Tape, Richard Taylor and Matt Carr made up university friends the “Exeter Chiefs.”  They were one of only 11 groups to survive the course, with some teams having to pull out or be pulled out by organizers, unable to complete the race.

They tackled mountains, went through water and gorges, got caught in smelly bogs, versed cliffs, and deep sand, on foot, bike, and kayak.  

On top of these challenges, navigation skills and brain power were needed, as each check point was hidden and had to be discovered via clues before powering on!  

There were a couple of close calls, with lost check points and teammates, a pack of angry dogs and way too many protein balls!

One nerve racking moment involved kayaking across the ocean towards a seemingly ever-distant lighthouse, with failing light and growing swell… these waves managed to wipe out a few competitors, but team endured, egging each other on and pushing through.

In the end, exhausted, elated, emotional they managed to pull up a highly respectable 3rd place, in under 44 hours, humour and bodies (just about) intact.

$30k was raised by the Chiefs for The Gold Coast Hospital NICU, in memory of teammate’s Paul’s beautiful daughter, Murphy Olivia. The funds will be used to buy a new ventilator, giving some of our youngest and most vulnerable a greater chance at life.

Thanks to all who donated and supported this cause and a big shout out to all those with the courage to take part in this epic challenge. 

More info on the race is here: https://lnkd.in/gv9vcxk and fundraising insights are here: https://lnkd.in/ga-Xdvn